lørdag 12. oktober 2013

I'm going to Ireland!

It has been quite some time since my last blogpost, so I will let you know what has happend.
Firstly, I got in to the school I wanted! Whoohoo! It is amazing. It is in Moss and it is a one-year program that allows me to start my second year of a bachelor degree in America next year. I am exited!
One of my classes is an Integrated Cultural Experience which includs a trip to Ireland, and we are leaving on Tuesday!

I am extremely exited as I have wanted to go to Ireland for a long, long time and now I am finally going. Not only am I going, but I am going with my class which include three of my bestest friends in Moss that I appreciate very much.

So, hurrah for Ireland!

I will probably write about my trip to Ireland once I get back, but since I am not too good with the whole blogging thing, here is my tumblr: www.priestasmind.tumblr.com and I use my tumblr way more than this blog; so if you love autumn and cats and funny things, you might want to check that out.

Until next time; have a great fall! :)

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