mandag 3. februar 2014

Being Remembered

Being remembered

I am so excited right now because my mum met my favorite teacher (I had her from 8-10 grade) today and she remembered me. We were 90 students in our year, and she still remembers me four years later, so clearly, I must have made an impact on her. Now, I will say that she has been one of the adults that have shaped my life the most. She definitely gave me determination and belief that I was actually a good writer.
So upon meeting my mum, she asked what I was doing now and what my plans were, and when my mum told her that I am planning on studying in the US, she was really impressed and thought that I was brave for wanting that. And when she learned that I wanted to study psychology and nutrition, she said “yeah, I can imagine she’ll do good in psychology”, which really meant a lot for me to hear.

It really made my day hearing that.

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