onsdag 14. mai 2014

I love God!

I am so thankful that I have God in my life, I have never felt the amount of love I do now, and that's His work! It feels so amazing to be in His love and feeling love, and spreading love.

Today my cousin was at our house and as kids we would fight as siblings, but as we have both grown up (he is 16, I think) we don't really fight anymore, but I still consider him a brother in many ways. I did not know that he would come, but I was really happy to see him, as it's been a while. And I remembered that he is going to start a school that doesn't have a very good reputation, and I also know that there has been rumors of drugs being there.

What's interesting that this popped into my mind is because at Youth Group we had a visit from a previous drug-user who spoke about how it was and why we should never ever try drugs and about how he used to be maybe the dangerous people in Norway, but was changed completely by Jesus! His testimony is amazing, but- on to the point. He has written a lot of books, one of them that's about drugs, and so I bought that one (and the rest of his books), but when I saw my cousin, who I really care about, I thought that he probably needs it more than me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I know he is smart, and that he probably wouldn't get into drugs, but I didn't want to risk anything because I know how bad peer pressure can be and because I know the reputation of his future school. So I asked if he liked reading, which he didn't really, but I said that I thought he might like the book and that it was about drugs. I also clarified that I don't think he would try drugs, but that if he is ever tempted then he has read the book and know what it will lead to.
This is not something I would've done before, because I didn't really have Christ that prominent in my life, but I am learning to put others before myself, and because I had heard the author speak about it, I already knew his story so I thought that my cousin would probably get more out of the book, if he decides to read it.

After I had given him the book, I decided I wanted to go to bed. So I gave my mum a hug, and told her I loved her (I do this every night though) and then I questioned if I should do the same to my cousin and my step-dad, and I decided that I would give them a hug and tell them I loved them to.
And it felt so good to do that!

Spreading love and showing that you love someone is an amazing feeling, and I encourage everyone to tell the people that you love that, well... You love them. It'll probably make their day better and make them feel loved and appriciated.

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