mandag 2. juni 2014

Why I Say Grace Before I Eat

Ever since I've become a Christian, I try to remember to say grace or sing before every meal. This has cause some of my family members to look at me a bit weirdly, so I thought I would share why I decided to start saying grace before I eat.

Ever since I was born, I've been taught to say "thank you for the food" to whoever made it and served it, and to this day, that is something I still do. So why is it so different, and why do people look at me weirdly when I start to pray or sing before I start eating? Technically, I've been doing what I've been taught all along: thank the someone that put food on the table for you to eat.

Now, of course, it's usually my parents that put the food on the table, so of course I thank them. But there wouldn't be very much to thank them for if God had not provided us with that food on beforehand.
He created this world, so He also created what I eat. And if I'm supposed to thank whoever put food on my table, it only makes sense to thank Him, because without Him- I wouldn't exist, nor would my parents, or the food I'm given.

So if you ever wonder why someone wants to pray or sing grace before they eat, it might be because they were taught to thank whoever put food on their table- which in all cases happens to be God.

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